Monday, May 8, 2017

Florida SB 614 Has Been Indefinitely Postponed

Let your representatives know that you're disappointed in them for postponing (indefinitely) SB 614.

SB 614 would have authorized a qualifying patient or his or her caregiver to purchase, acquire, and possess up to the allowed amount of marijuana, medical marijuana products, and associated paraphernalia for a qualifying patient’s medical use; providing that a physician must certify, on a specified form, that a patient is suffering from a debilitating medical condition and that the benefits to the patient of using marijuana outweigh the potential health risks before a patient may register with the department and obtain a registry identification card; requiring that the department create a secure, online, electronic medical marijuana patient registry containing a file containing specified information for each qualifying patient, caregiver, and certifying physician, etc.

This was a GENERAL BILL by Brandes ; (CO-INTRODUCERS) Rouson ; Steube ; Stewart.

I urge you to find your legislators here and let them know how detrimental postponing this bill is to our communities.

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