Monday, May 8, 2017

2 Important Bills in the Florida House This Week

This week 2 Important Bills are in the Florida House that I believe are deserving of your support.

HB 13: End the Slush Funds for Politicians

Here in Florida under our current laws,  local governments can designate areas as "Community Redevelopment Areas" and create a Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA). CRAs are funded by property taxes (theft) and are charged with "helping blighted neighborhoods." While the mission of a CRA is billed as "anti-poverty measures", CRAs have been used to subsidize museums, concert halls, production studios and other pet projects of local political officials. CRAs are no longer being used for anti-poverty measures, but are now primarily used as slush funds to repay political donors and keep private campaign promises.

HB 13 will place tighter restrictions on CRAs and begin a phase-out period for current CRAs.

Note: HB 13 was indefinitely postponed on 5/5/17

HB 141: Free Craft Distilleries from Unnecessary Regulations

HB 141 will massively help with craft distilleries. A craft distillery is defined as one that is “a licensed distillery that produces 250,000 or fewer gallons per the calendar year of distilled spirits on its premises."

HB 141 would allow craft distilleries to get their products to more people by removing restrictions on the volume of product distilleries can sell directly to customers. The current law limits customers to purchasing two bottles per brand/style per year.

Obviously selling on-site is more profitable, and it allows for customers to try the product and share it with others outside the area without involving third parties and middle-men.

Note: HB 141 passed on 5/5/17

HB 13 and HB 141 are on Special Order Calendar for Tuesday, April 25th, 2017 and could be voted on by the full House this week.

Call and e-mail your district Representative to support HB 13 to end CRA abuse and HB 141 to free Craft Distilleries from unnecessary regulations.


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