Tuesday, June 28, 2016

How Does the House Feel AboutThe Presumptive Nominees?

The Top Ranking Republicans on Trump

Paul Ryan "isn't ready" to endorse Donald Trump. When asked why not just endorse Trump now, Ryan said he wanted to have a "sincere deliberative process" to discuss common GOP principles.

Kevin McCarthy has become a delegate for Donald Trump.

Steve Scalise is endorsing Trump.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the top female House Representative, is endorsing Trump.

Luke Messer has spoken against Trump repeatedly, calling him racist and childish.

The Top Ranking Democrats on Hillary

Nancy Pelosi claims the timing "isn't right" for endorsing Hillary.

Steny Hoyer has endorsed Hillary as the "tougher foe" against the GOP. 

James Clyborn is endorsing Hillary.

Xavier Becerra heavily endorsed Hillary and was at one point rumored to be vetted as her VP.

Based on the public opinions of the top-ranking members of the House, it looks as though the parties are split on their stance on the presumptive nominees. For Gary Johnson, and any other third party nominee, this is good news. It presents the opportunity for a 3rd party candidate to be elected by the House if neither bi-partisan candidate can win the popular vote.

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